Childems House

childem's House in Byzanthium


My Story:

Il lived in the Ancient Land of Daendroc with my family, everything was fine; until the great war!

All us Elves ran for shelter in the great library while the men went off to fight the invading Dwarves.

It didn't take long for them to take the library, being only 8 years old I was scared so I ran away. Heading for the docks I sprinted as fast as my legs could take me! But that's when i found robChilly2 a 6 year-old Dwarf on his own, I asked him if he was alright, but it was obvious he was the last of his family. I grabbed him and ran, leading him by the hand we approached the docks, all the ships bar one were destroyed, I hopped into the last ship, which was a rowing boat, and set off for Ceardia.

4 Long years past in the Wilderness of Ceardia, before the emperor of Byzanthium found us and took us in. And that is where we remain
Childem In His House

childem in his House in Byzanthium

Faction Byzanthium
Race Elf
Profession Archer Commander
Vampire Never!
Married Not Yet