We are trying to introduce a flag for the Byzanthium Empire. We are not sure which dimension we need for that flag and we even don't know which symbol/letters the flag should wear.

The place for the flag is not clearly fixed, we have to find a suitable place for the flag.

The main color (background) of the flag will be red. Letters will be colored in white, yellow or orange.

1. Example (SPQR)

Vertical spqr flag

A vertical SPQR-Flag

Minimalist spqr flag

A minimalist SPQR-Flag

Height = 26; Width = 7

Height = 7; Width = 20

Great spqr flag

A great SPQR-Flag

Height = 15; Width = 28

2. Example (Chi & Rho)

Chi rho with laurel wreath flag

A flag with laurel wreath around chi & rho

Height = 15; Width = 23

3. Example (Spread Eagle)

Eagle byzanthium flag

An eagle with spread wings

"... iI know it looks more like a duck, but it's really cute XD"

Height = 12; Width = 20

4. Example (Legion Helmet)

Legion helmet flag

A flag with a legion helmet

Height = 9; Width = 12