Description ​Edit

The Navy's main purpose is to protect the Empire from maritime assaults. They are also a fighting force that assist the army in anything from small scale scouting missions to large scale battles. We also hope that this will become an economic capitol.

Ranks with TasksEdit

  1. Admiral
    • Commander of the Byzanthium Navy.
  2. Commodore
  • Oversees the construction/expansions and daily operations
    of the port he or she has been stationed at.
  1. Captain
    • Oversees the construction/maintenance of the ships. Each
      captain is in charge of his or her designated ship.
  2. Lieutenant
    • Oversees the port storage and directs attention
      to what is needed.
  3. Petty Officer
  • In charge of collecting the supplies needed
    in port construction/expansion. This includes
    food and armaments.
  1. Sailor
    • Preforms tasks given by any ranking officer.