Creeper Skin


Name SaplingPlanter
Faction Byzanthium
Race Human
Profession Farmer
Vampire Yes
Married No
Divinity ...what
Child(ren) No


You'll find me in a field or in a farm.
Age ?
Gender Female
God of Chickens House

My StoryEdit

I was born somewhere that I cannot remember, then I was orphaned at the age of three. I always admired the way farmers sowed the soil, creating areas to plant food. And all that hard work was so others could eat their fill! I asked for further knowledge on the matter. At the age of seven, I knew all about farms, seeds, and plants. I was adopted by a drunk man, but was treated poorly. Soon I was taken away. About two years later, I was adopted by another man, and to my surprise, he was a farmer! I worked at the farm until I was 20. Then I decided to find my way in life. I went to Eagla looking for a home. It was quiet there, and they had a nice, daintly little farm. That is also where I picked up vampirism. Soon that little village became bigger, but also quieter, for some reason. I decided to leave. I have just recently found my true way at Byzanthium and I hope to stay here for awhile.