Plattegrond Byzanthium

Map Byzanthium Sectors

This page is about our capital city, Byzanthium. It is the very foundation of the Empire.

Our Empire started with an ugly wooden house, the fundaments of which are now part of the Furnace building. From there on Loek and Snieuwenhuizen19 expanded our domains, building a underground way into the mountains, which became the base for our sewer system. We built the Palace, the first farm, and then members started helping us constructing the city walls, lots of new buildings, roads and even more.

The capital is divided into a 7 sectors. Each has its own function and unique kind of inhabitants. All of these are described below.

The Inner cityEdit

This is the main place in the Byzanthine Empire. This is wherethe oldest buildings stand. This place provides all basic resources and infrastructure that a faction needs. It contains:

-The Forum (main plaza)

-The Palace

-The Basilicum (portal building)

-The Spawn house

-The Stockpile

-The first farm

-The tree farm

-Member houses

-The furnace


Main Plaza

The OutskirtsEdit

Originally created to deal with the problem of over-population, the outskirts now contains many houses near the lake. It also was the first expansion beyond the First City Wall.


The Outskirts


This area is completely dominated by a huge overground farm and a farming Villa. It provides more than enough food for our well-fed Empire.




This part is nothing less than the political centre of the Empire. The Senate building is the most important building in this region. Next to that there is also a Library and a garden and some members have their home here.

2012-07-03 11.30.22

The Senate building


This piece of the city consists of the Temple Terrain, with all of the religious buildings located on top of the mountain. This sector forms the skyline of Byzanthium and dominates the entire city.


The Temple


This piece of the city is located next to the farmlands between the Temple terrain and the Second City Wall. The area is designed to provide space for the members to build houses. It also has the secret entrance to the base of the Obsidian Order, the Byzanthine Secret intelligence.


Montusia - The Inn and citizen houses


This new part of the city contains the Party Corner, housing the Party Forum along with taverns, tents and other buildings intended to party. It has its own rules and is the only place in the city which can be decorated by faction members (but only if they have permission from the Senate or Snie).


Festum - The Tavern