The Obsidian Order is the Byzanthine Secret Intelligence. Agents have the job to infiltrate other factions and complete missions there.

Types of missions are:

- Information: Gather information about subjects as defenses, faction map, fighting abilities of members and estimated threat to Byzanthium in case of a war.

- Sabotage: Undermine defenses, damage infrastructure, empty farms, kill animals, build tunnels under walls

- Treason: Arm yourself very well and leave the faction when some members are online to kill them while returning to the Byzanthine Empire

- Robbery: Steal high-valued objects from faction chests and take very important blocks such as gold and diamond blocks.

At the moment there are no spies, but we will recruit them in future.

So if you are reading this while not being a Byzanthine, you better start watching this. The Order will find you and execute its tasks.